How Good is Raikou? - Raikou VS Zapdos VS Jolteon

Raikou, Zapdos and Jolteon are 3 of the best electric type attackers in the game currently.

How do they compare against one another? Let's see...

Raikou Zapdos Jolteon
ATT 241 253 232
DEF 210 188 201
STA 180 180 130
Tankiness 37,800 33,840 26,130
Fast Moves Thunder Shock Charge Beam Thunder Shock
Volt Switch Volt Switch
Charged Moves  Thunder Thunder Thunder
Thunderbolt Thunderbolt Thunderbolt
Wild Charge Zap Cannon Discharge

ATT: Zapdos wins out Raikou by about 5%

Tankiness: Tankiness is the product of DEF and STA. It is generally accepted to measure survivability using this method. Raikou wins in terms of tankiness, by about 12%. Jolteon is the squishiest amongst the three, losing out by more than 20%.

Fast Moves:
Thunder Shock Volt Switch Charge Beam
Base DPS 8.3 8.7 7.3
Move Duration (ms) 600 2300 1100
Base EPS 13.3 10.9 13.6

DPS is the major factor in determining the best move. Thunder Shock has the second highest DPS (losing by 0.4). However, the higher EPS compared to Volt Switch more than makes up for the minor loss in DPS since this means that it can fire off more Charged moves.

Thunder Shock is the winner here thanks to it being extremely quick and having better DPS than Charge Beam and better EPS than Volt Switch.

Charged Moves: They have 2 of the same charged moves in Thunder and Thunderbolt and the only different moves are Wild Charge, Zap Cannon and Discharge.
Wild Charge Zap Cannon Discharge
Base DPS 29 33.3 21.7
Move Duration (ms) 2600 3700 2500
Energy Usage 50 100 33.3

Comparing Wild Charge and Zap Cannon, ZC has a higher DPS (10% more). However, it is a 1 bar move which means that it faces energy wastage. Wild Charge being a faster move allows the Pokemon to dodge better and being a 2 bar move, would waste less energy from fainting or over charging the energy bar. Wild Charge wins.

Comparing between different types of Electric attacks in simulations, Wild Charge is still the best, followed by Thunderbolt.

Here's a chart comparing the best moveset for each Pokemon made by redditor RyanoftheDay.

From this chart, it is obvious that the DPS for Wild Charge is higher than the Thunderbolt moveset for Jolteon and Zapdos, by about 1 DPS.

Overall winner: Raikou, although it has a slightly lower ATT stat, has the superior moveset which allows it to be on par with Zapdos in terms of attack. Defensively, Raikou wins.
I would say that Raikou is the overall best electric type attacker. Zapdos is not far behind and with slightly different typing from Raikou, has some different resistance and might be useful in certain encounters (maybe a Solar Beam Ho-oh?).

Niantic can and might change their stats conversion (from Pokemon main series to GO) and moves. They have done so previously which improved the effectiveness of specialised attackers, and more recently, they straight up nerfed Mewtwo. So, there is a possibility that they might change it again. No guarantees.
Only Arceus knows.

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