Just How Good is Suicune? - Suicune VS Vaporeon

Suicune being a legendary is highly sought after.

Before spending money, star dusts and rare candies on it, let's compare it with another Pokemon that is similar. The eevolution Vaporeon.

Suicune Vaporeon
ATT 180 205
DEF 235 177
STA 200 260
Tankiness 47,000 46,020
Fast Moves Extrasensory Water Gun
Hidden Power
Charged Moves  Water Pulse Water Pulse
Bubble Beam Aqua Tail
Hydro Pump Hydro Pump

ATT: Vaporeon wins clearly by 25 points (or 19%)

Tankiness: Tankiness is the product of DEF and STA. It is generally accepted to measure survivability this way since damage is inversely related with defense and stamina is proportionate to HP. Suicune wins in terms of tankiness, but by just a small margin.

Fast Moves:
Extrasensory, although has slightly higher EPS and DPS, does not benefit from STAB.
Hidden Power and Water Gun is actually on par in terms of DPS (10) and EPS (10). However, hidden power is a much slower move.
Given that every Vaporeon will have Water Gun while getting Hidden Power (Water) is a matter of luck, Vaporeon wins.

Charged Moves: They have 2 of the same charged moves and the only different moves is Bubble Beam vs Aqua Tail.
Bubble Beam has a DPS of 18.8 while Aqua Tail is at 20.8. Therefore Vaporeon wins.
Nonetheless, Hydro Pump is still the best charged move.

Overall: It is quite clear that Vaporeon is a much superior water Pokemon and that Niantic screwed Suicune (580 total stat points vs 525 of Vaporeon) over because of the way stats are converted in Pokemon GO from the main series games.

Niantic can and might change their stats conversion (from Pokemon main series to GO) and moves. They have done so previously which improved the effectiveness of specialised attackers, and more recently, they straight up nerfed Mewtwo. So, there is a possibility that they might change it again. No guarantees.
Only Arceus knows.

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