Legendary Raid Boss - Entei


Duration and Location: Americas (30 Sep - 30 Oct), Asia - Pacific (31 Oct - ?), Europe/Africa (31 Aug to 30 Sep)

Entei can be found in the Europe and Africa regions for the first leg of the rotation. Thereafter, the beasts will rotate and Entei will go to either Asia-Pacific or Americas.

Difficulty: Moderate (6 - 8 trainers)

Its tankiness is in between that of Articuno and Zapdos.

A group of 6 - 8 random trainers should be able to take it down with the right counters.

Weaknesses: Rock, Ground, Water

Being a pure fire type, it is weak to rock, ground and water attacks. 

Moves: All fire moves

Fire is resisted by rock, fire, water and dragon type pokemon.


  • There are many counters for Entei, most of which are similar to ones used for the legendary birds. Most trainers should have the necessary counters in Golem, Vaporeon, Dragonite, Tyranitar, Rhydon, OmastarFeraligatr etc. All these deal super effective damage and resists fire attacks.


The legendary beasts have a 2% base catch rate, similar to Lugia. (unconfirmed)
The targeting circle is large, similar to Lugia, and the distance from the screen is a little further than Lugia, but it is lower.

Best Moveset:

Fast Move: Fire Spin
Charged Move: Overheat


Entei when compared to Moltres, is tankier and does not have double weakness to rock. Its attack stat loses out to Moltres. Moltres would edge out since dps is usually the main consideration for legendary pokemon that cannot be put into gyms.

More information about other legendary beasts: Raikou | Suicune


Entei has been three-manned already.