EX Raid Boss - Mewtwo


How to get

Mewtwo is currently an EX raid boss. You will need to get invited to get to raid and subsequently capture Mewtwo in the bonus challenge.
To have a shot at getting invited, you need to have raided at the selected gym recently (past 4 weeks).

Difficulty: Difficult (~10 trainers)

Mewtwo is not very tanky and has been done with 4 trainers before. However, it's attacks are very strong and can easily take out your Pokemon. So, be prepared to rejoin the battle.

Weaknesses: Bug, Ghost, Dark

Being a pure psychic type, it is weak to bug, ghost and dark attacks. 


Fast moves:
It has 2 possible Psychic fast moves: Psycho Cut and Confusion, with Psycho Cut being the weaker and faster one.

Charged moves:
All of its charged moves are strong against it's major counters.
Hyper Beam is a strong move that is mostly unresisted by most of its counters except Tyranitar and Gengar.
Psychic is a STAB move which will obliterate your Gengar.
Focus Blast will one shot your level 30 Tyranitars and Houndooms.
Shadow Ball will hurt your Mewtwo the most (if you are lucky enough to have one) and destroy your Gengar and Alakazam.


  • Its best counter is Mewtwo with Shadow Ball if you happen to have one lying around.
  • The next best and most accessible one would be Tyranitar, if it doesn't have Focus Blast. Even with Focus Blast, Ttar will still deal the most damage. So, get to more Tyranitar raids now!
  • If it has Focus Blast, your best option would be Dragonite with dragon moves or Gyarados with dark moves.
  • Houndoom (dark moves) and Scizor (bug moves) are acceptable counters with super effective moves.
  • If it has Confusion, it can knock out a Gengar really quickly. Only use Gengar as a glass cannon if Mewtwo has Psycho Cut and you have a really big squad of trainers to help you.
  • Lugia (Sky Attack) or Snorlax (Lick, Hyper Beam) can be acceptable as anchors (last pokemon) if you have enough DPS to bring it down.


Mewtwo has a 6% base catch rate, which makes it easier than level 4 raid bosses to catch.
If you use the correct technique (golden razz berry, curved and great throws), you will most likely get it.

Best Moveset:

Fast Move: Confusion
Charged Move: Any

All 4 of Mewtwo's charged moves are equally strong and situational. Changing a charged move using TM will be more difficult since it has a bigger move pool.


No words are required.
Mewtwo, the Pokemon with the highest attack stat, is a great generalist.
It is THE Pokemon to have in your team.

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