Legendary Raid Boss - Raikou


Duration and Location: Asia - Pacific (30 Sep to 30 Oct), Europe/Africa (31 Oct- ?), Americas (31 Aug to 30 Sep)

Raikou can be found in the Americas region for the first leg of the rotation. Thereafter, the beasts will rotate and Raikou will go to either Africa/Europe or Asia-Pacific.

Difficulty: Moderate (7 - 10 trainers)

Its tankiness is in between that of Articuno and Zapdos.
A group of 7 - 10 random trainers should be able to take it down with the right counters.

Weakness: Ground

Being a pure electric type, it is weak only to ground attacks. This might pose a problem for some since there isn't much use for ground attack pokemon in the current meta and many might not be able to form a good team.

Moves: All electric

Electric is resisted by ground, dragon and grass types.


  • Rhydon and Golem, followed by Donphan are the ground type attackers you want. Their ground type moves will be super effective and they will resist Raikou's attacks.
  • Dragonite is a good counter and a good generalist. It does good neutral damage with it's dragon STAB moves and its dragon typing resists Raikou's charged moves.
  • Exeggutor is a good damage dealer and tanker against Raikou due to its grass type which resists electric attacks. Its high attack stat and good moves make it a useful neutral attacker.
  • Mewtwo (if you have him) with its high attack and neutral attacks would be a good choice too.
  • Other high attack neutral attackers such as Flareon, Espeon and Tyranitar are also suitable for backups.


The legendary beasts have a 2% base catch rate, similar to Lugia. (unconfirmed)
The targeting circle is large, similar to Lugia, and the distance from the screen is a little further than Lugia, but it is lower.

Best Moveset:

Fast Move: Thunder Shock (DPS is similar, but Thunder Shock is a shorter move, allows better dodging and charges your energy faster)
Charged Move: Wild Charge


Raikou will be one of the best electric pokemon, potentially even surpassing Zapdos due to its single typing and superior moveset.

More information about other legendary beasts: Entei | Suicune