Legendary Raid Boss - Suicune


Duration and Location: Europe/Africa (30 Sep - 30 Oct), Americas (31 Oct - ?), Asia - Pacific (31 Aug to 30 Sep)

Suicune can be found in the Asia - Pacific region for the first leg of the rotation. Thereafter, the beasts will rotate and Suicune will go to either Africa/Europe or Americas.

Difficulty: Moderate (8 - 10 trainers)

Suicune has the lowest attack amongst the legendaries of generation 1 and 2.
Its tankiness is average and similar to Articuno without double weakness.
A group of 8 - 10 random trainers should be able to take it down.

Weaknesses: Grass and Electric

Being a pure water type, it is weak to grass and electric attacks. 

Moves: (Fast) Extrasensory / Hidden Power, (Charged) All water moves

Hidden power is a wild card which might surprise you.


  • Zapdos, Raikou and Jolteon are the three best electric type attackers. Although they don't resist Suicune's attacks, their super effective attacks will deal good DPS against the water type beast.
  • Exeggutor is a good damage dealer and tanker against Suicune due to its psychic and grass types which resists the psychic fast move and the water charged moves respectively. Its high attack stat and super effective grass type moves are also powerful against Suicune.
  • Dragonite is a good counter and a good generalist. It does good neutral damage with it's dragon STAB moves and its dragon typing resists Suicune's charged moves.
  • Other grass types such as Venusaur, Victreebel and Vileplume are viable grass counters with above average stats. However, their second typing of poison means that a Suicune with extrasensory would deal super effective damage against them.
  • Other electric attackers are less desirable due to sub-optimal stats. Eg. Magneton and Raichu has good attack but suffer in tankiness whereas Lanturn has poor attack.


The legendary beasts have a 2% base catch rate, similar to Lugia. (unconfirmed)
The targeting circle is large, similar to Lugia, and the distance from the screen is a little further than Lugia, but it is lower.

Best Moveset:

Not that it matters much since Suicune won't be in battles much.
Fast Move: Hidden Power (Water) for the STAB
Charged Move: Hydro Pump


This is one pokemon that is only for the collection. It's stats are so bad that Vaporeon is better than this legendary. So, save your premium passes, candies and TMs.

More information about other legendary beasts: Raikou | Entei