Pokemon GO Moves - What is Hidden Power?

With the release of the Legendary Beasts, the talk of the town naturally gravitates towards these beasts. In the Asian Pacific region, the first beast to be available there is Suicune. What's interesting here is that Suicune comes with a Fast Move called "Hidden Power" which most people are not familiar with.

What is Hidden Power?

Hidden Power is a Normal type fast move that can be learned by several Pokemon including but not limited to Suicune, Unown, Togepi and Starmie.

It has a base damage of 15 and a base DPS (damage per second) of 10. It's EPS (energy per second) is also 10.

Base Damage 15
Base DPS 10
Base Energy Gain 15
Base EPS 10


What's special about this move is that it can have any random typing (except normal and fairy) upon catching it. What this means is that there are 16 different possibilities.


It can benefit from STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) based on it's attack type and the Pokemon's type. 
For example, for Suicune to get STAB, it needs to have Hidden Power (Water). This is the best general moveset for Suicune since it can then have two water moves.


Once you have caught a Pokemon which has Hidden Power as a possible move, the type of the Hidden Power is fixed. This means that a Fast TM would not change the type of the Hidden Power.
Eg. Using a Fast TM on a Suicune with Hidden Power (Dragon) would change it to Extrasensory, and using another Fast TM would change the fast move back to Hidden Power (Dragon)

That's all you need to know!