Pokemon GO (Unofficial) Update - Assets, Eggs, Search

Another server side update for Pokemon GO brings about some fixes and improvements. Server side means you do not need to update your app (client) to get these changes unless client side changes are also required.

Legendary Dogs Assets Fix

Trainers have previously reported that the Legendary beasts' models were not loading. These were reportedly fixed yesterday.
In addition to that, a notification was pushed out informing trainers about the legendary beasts raids. Only about a week late this time. Good job!

Raid Eggs were added back into the game

Raid eggs now appear for 1 hour before the boss appears for another hour to be raided. Back to old times! This should make it easier for people to coordinate 1 hour before raid begins.

Texts were added for Raid rewards in Journal

"raid_log_received_items" "Received {0} items from Raid."

Ability to filter defenders and legendaries

The ability to filter for gym defenders and legendaries in your Pokemon storage is available server-side and will probably come soon in the next app update.

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