Pokemon GO (Unofficial) Update - Mewtwo Base Capture Rate

Mewtwo Base Capture Rate

Mewtwo's base capture rate is back in the game and it is 0.06 (6%).
This would make it higher than the level 4 raid bosses such as Tyranitar which has 5% BCR (Base Capture Rate)

What does this mean?

Catch rates

This means that with an excellent curved ball and golden razzberries, the chance to capture it would be close to 50% per throw.

This chart here shows the different capture chance for each throw with different multipliers applied.

Cumulative catch chance

With such a high capture chance with each independent throw, you would be able to reach 50% or even 90% cumulative catch chance easier with the number of balls you get.

This chart shows the cumulative catch probability with different multipliers applied.

Cumulative Probability for alternating berries strategies

If you are looking to conserve golden razz berries, even though I don't know why you would want to do that for Mewtwo, here are the probabilities for the using all goldens, half golden half regular, all regular razz berries and no berries at all. EX raiders are unlikely to go away empty handed if they follow the tried and true methods of increasing capture probability.


Yup. It is easier compared to the other legendaries.
Now, if only I could get into these EX raids...
The tough part now will be getting into these EX raids in the first place.
We trust that Niantic will be getting the numbers right with these initial tests taking place, so that the rarity of Mewtwo is preserved, unlike the other legendaries.

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