Pokemon GO (Unofficial) Updates [6 Sep 2017] - Bugs and Fixes

Here's a roundup for some updates in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO currently only shows up to 1000 gym badges

TheSilphRoad community first came up with this bug where any new gym badges earned above 1000 would cause the earlier ones to disappear. However, hours later, others have proven that those earlier ones were simply not showing and are not deleted. Phew.
What this means is that the client only receives 1000 gym badges and the others are not displayed.


Gym control bonus for raids has been fixed

Trainers might have noticed that they have consistently received gym control bonus after their raids since the previous update. Now, Niantic has updated their known bugs page to indicate so as well.
In order to get gym control bonus, the trainer has to be raiding at the gym of his team to receive the 2 additional balls.


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