List of Error Codes in Pokemon GO

A redditor called myckol has compiled a list of error codes and resolution methods at a post in TheSilphRoad sub reddit. I have copied over for reference. Credits to him/her!

Error Code Error Text Encounter Situation Likely Cause
2 Network Error Encountered when entering a gym that was previously error'ed out of, also encountered when u/tjauth was attempting to catch Raikou here Not yet conclusive, seems like a general error from varying accounts
3 Something went wrong, Please try again u/spookyspagetti failed to buy pokecoins; confirmed by u/constituent Confirmed: Transaction failed (either buying Pokecoins or exchanging ingame items with coins)
10 No Internet connectivity When phone has no service. Retested by turning on airplane mode. Confirmed: Phone has no service
11 GPS signal not found When the game failed to locate GPS signal, also confirmed by u/blueseeka Confirmed: Game has no GPS signal
12 Failed to detect location u/SatisfiedCircuits: Location tracking is accurate but error persist, also seen at places where game is not available (i.e. geo-fenced locations) Not yet conclusive
22 Error u/discovolante: Getting kicked out of gym battle when a raid starts, or trying to feed berry to a Pokemon that no longer exist There seems to be 2 root causes, not yet conclusive what this means
23 Error u/mangeetg got this error when there was a disconnection during Pokemon power-up. As a result, there was a mismatch in stardust and Pokemon CP. Resolved itself after catching another pokemon Likely caused by server error when powering up, requires confirmation
25 Error I clicked on a Pokemon that was already caught by my Go+, meaning that the Pokemon no longer exist; confirmed by u/Joj185 Confirmed: Wild pokemon that user clicked on no longer exists (de-spawned or already caught via Go+)
26 Error according to u/Dragyen, caused by server lag, getting kicked out of gym and lag when clicking nearby pokemon Could be due to server lag, requires further confirmation; u/kkbitten got this when turning off bluetooth, causing an error out on gym; u/RJFerret encountered this when catching a Pokemon
29 Error When I error'ed out of a gym battle mid way and the game probably thought I was still battling it. Confirmed by a number of people on this thread that this is caused by leaving a gym battle voluntarily or involuntarily then trying to re-enter when game thinks you are still battling Confirmed: Caused by game thinking that you are still battling gym. Should be resolved by waiting 10 minutes
30 Error u/kerfuffle7 got this error in between pokemon during gym battle Not yet conclusive
31 Error u/LotteryD encountered this error when trying to place a Pokemon in a recently neutralised gym. After the error, gym turned into an opposing team's colour Failed to place Pokemon in Gym
32 Error u/ChaosMajora got this error due when trying to spin a Gym when moving Could be caused by GPS drift, but not conclusive
33 Error u/spookyspagetti failed to join a raid and received this erro when "Go" was seen. Rejoining the raid provides the same error; u/simchajra mentioned that this error was encountered when attempting to join raid with a non-auto time on the phone. Error disappeared when clock was set back to automatic, also confirmed by u/Kie723 that error is caused by game sync issues due to time settings Confirmed: Time-sync issues. Try resolving this by changing your phone clock to automatic

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  1. I have recieved "Error Code 92" during a gym battle. Then I get kicked out. There is nothing on "Error Code 92" anywhere. Can you help???

  2. Here's an even better one that nobody seems to know: I keep getting Error Code 16. WTH?


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